Pop Chart breaks down every type of liquor you’ve ever heard of

by 7 years ago


PopChart Labs continues to crank out some of the best man cave wall art in the game today. This time we introduce you to the Triple Distilled Diagram of alcohols.

A boozy chart of every variety of alcohol, from fermented concoctions such as beer and wine to distilled delights such as a gin and rum, this print features everything from favorites like wine and vodka to less lauded tipples such as caium and arrack, all pressed in copper metal inks.

If you’re into alcohol education, which no one is, this will beautifully break down every alcohol you’ve ever heard of and plenty that you haven’t. If you’re like most people though, it just looks really cool on the wall. Dre’s “The Cronic” came out 20 years ago. It’s time to upgrade your poster collection.

Pop Chart Labs


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