Pop Chart Labs shows everything you need to know about coffee

by 7 years ago

Pop Chart

Pop Chart Labs has appeared on Guyism several times in the past for cocktails, breweries, liquors, and beers. Now they’re back with something even more stimulating. A chart showing off several aspects of everyone’s favorite drug, coffee.

I’m one of the people who has no idea what’s happening when he walks into Starbucks. I order black coffee and go about my business. I don’t need a thesaurus just to order a cup of caffeine. Before seeing this chart I had no clue what the difference between an americano and a macchiato was. I’ve never really cared. In fact, the only thing I do understand is why a small is called a tall.

Check out all the chart has to offer, and if you want to get one to class up your breakfast nook you can head to Pop Chart Labs. They’re only $27, which is less than of a jeep full of Orange Mocha Frappuccinos.

Pop Chart

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