PopSlate: Stick a Kindle on the back of your iPhone

by 6 years ago

Not since the iPhone case that was also, itself, a phone have we seen a case for Apple’s beloved status symbol so amusing. But once you get past the seeming goofiness, there’s a lot to love on the PopSlate and its clever engineering… not least the fact that it removes an annoying problem Apple keeps inflicting on us.

First of all, here’s the PopSlate in action, to give you an idea of how it works.

It essentially serves as a second screen for your iPhone. Pop up instructional photos, transit maps, whatever you want stored on it, it’s available. Just tap the image twice to change it.

So this is a battery suck, right? Nope. It’s an e-ink display, which are very, very low power: You won’t notice any real drain on your battery with this case hooked up to it.

Which brings us to what is easily the best part: This case frees you from the tyranny of Apple’s proprietary connectors. You can use micro-USB to charge your phone! Just like everyone else!

$99 will get you one on preorder, and if you’re patient, a color version will be coming in 2014.

PopSlate [IndieGoGo]

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