‘Project Awakened’ might finally be our super hero simulator

Provided Project Awakened makes its Kickstarter goal first.

A game in which you can basically customize your character to your precise liking and have him or her totally tear sh*t up. It’s something we all want, yet has never happened, nor have we come even close. But Project Awakened seems to be that fantasy, realized at long last…

The pitch video is certain convincing, though it’s definitely rough around the edges, but that’s the nature of prototypes. But even though it’s also from a bunch of people who seem to know what they’re doing, one can’t help if their promises are a bit too much to deliver.

Which might explain why the game they describe has no happened yet in the first place. I can easily imagine Project Awakened being hella broken, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t be hella fun either. Here’s another clip that goes into detail all the different methods of attack…

Unfortunately, there’s a chance it might not happen. As of this writing, the campaign has only raised $187,515 of the $500,000 that’s being asked, and there’s only seven days left. But these things often rally at the very last minute.

If you want to see it happen, then you can lend a hand by opening your wallet.