Protect Aaron Rodgers at all cost…Matthew Stafford, not so much

by 7 years ago

Two late hits on quarterbacks, two different results. NFL hypocrisy at its finest.

The Lions took on the Packers last night at Lambeau, a place they haven’t won since 1991. They dominated the first half statistically yet only led 14-10 at the break, because, well they’re the Lions and they do things like fumble the ball when nobody’s around. But I digress.

The Packers began the second half with the ball and faced a 3rd and 6 near midfield. That’s when this happened.

Now, as many of you are aware, Ndamukong Suh’s the leagues Bad Boy. The NFL version of a 1980s Bill Laimbeer if you will. Though the 15-yard personal foul here is sketchy at best, you can almost understand the reasoning. The refs simply didn’t want a game featuring questionable late hits on quarterbacks.

Fine, ok. That’s the state of the NFL today and it’s something us fans have to deal with.

But then this identical play happened in the 4th quarter, albeit to quarterback Matthew Stafford. A play that didn’t feature a flag. Take a look.

Well that’s odd huh? Jerel Worthy appears to take 3 steps before delivering a vicious body block to Stafford. The hit was in plain view of the official and yet, nothing.

If I showed you both these plays back-to-back without the luxury of knowing which teams were involved, who would deserve the infraction? If the NFL’s about protecting quarterbacks, then protect all of them, not just ones named Rodgers, Brady and Brees. That is if they care at all about equal punishment across the board.

Speaking of which, this also happened in last night’s game. Can you imagine the fire and brimstone that would have rained from NFL HQ had Suh been involved here?

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