68-year-old caught fapping in public park and THEN guess what he did

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Yoga Pose via Shutterstock

Yoga Pose via Shutterstock


An elderly yogi is facing federal obscenity charges after he was caught masturbating on National Park Service property. Then things got crazy.

Bill Kachle, 68, was arrested last month after a United States Park Police officer responded to a complaint about a “disorderly male subject” along the Mount Vernon Trail in Virginia. Two women came across Kachle in a “yoga pose” and as they got closer Kachle began shouting at them, dropped his pants, and began to masturbate. A little forward, but fine, some people have different pick-up approaches.

“Thereafter, the subject then picked up a dead animal, ran into the northbound lanes of travel on the George Washington Memorial Parkway and threw the dead animal at a passing car,” according to the official complaint.

After chucking the animal at a random stranger, Kachle returned to the trail, pointed at both women again and began to masturbate again. Look, if that move didn’t work the first time pal, the women won’t be interested this time around.

Kachle was booked that day on “disorderly conduct/obscene acts” and for touching his downward dog in public.

Yoga Enthusiast, 68, Busted For Public Pleasure Session (But Not For Throwing Dead Animal At Passing Car) [The Smoking Gun]

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