Pwn Plug: mess with your friends from a distance

by 7 years ago

It looks so sweet and innocent: a little white box that plugs into the wall. You can even apply stickers to it to make it look like an air freshener. But it’s actually a little bundle of chaos in a cuddly little package.

pwn plugMeet the Pwn Plug: a tiny little computer capable of causing some big, big trouble.

Before we begin, you shouldn’t use this thing for anything genuinely illegal, because you’ll probably be caught by somebody looking for hacking and go to jail. Nor should you use this at work, because you’ll get fired, and then go to jail. But your friends? For them, this is priceless.

The Pwn Plug is essentially a tiny, plug-in computer loaded with all sorts of open-source hacking tools. You plug it into the wall, connect it to your friend’s wireless router and you’re done; it’ll automatically start running, and now you can get full access to his home computer, monkey with his head for a few days, come back, and remove it, waiting for your next victim.

And how much will changing your friend’s desktop background to Lemon Party (if you don’t know, don’t Google it) and popping up gross porn while his girlfriend is checking her email cost you? $480, $770 if you want the one that let’s you mess with him using your cell phone.

But, really, aren’t your friends worth it?

Pwn Plug [Pwnie Express]

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