Random Shopper: A program that buys you random crap on Amazon

by 6 years ago

We’ve all had that experience: You get home from work, look at the door, and sitting in front of it is a package. You have no idea where it came from, but since it’s not ticking, it’s probably safe to open, so you do.

Random Shopper

Random Shopper

It’s a pleasant feeling, and one computer programmer has designed something to give him that sense of anticipation as much as he wants.

Random Shopper is essentially a robot who buys you stuff at random. You set it up with a gift card, say $50. It chooses a word at random using a word spat out by a random word generator. It searches Amazon with that term, and buys the first thing it finds that’s in the budget.

Then it repeats until the gift card is exhausted.

If that sounds a little weird, it is, and even Darius Kazemi, the guy who built it, is a little surprised that it sent him a Noam Chomsky book and a collection of avant-garde modernist music. It sounds almost like Random Shopper is a bit of a smart-ass. We can’t wait to try it out.

Random Shopper [official Tumblr]

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