Real life Hamburglar robs patrons at Maine McDonald’s

by 8 years ago

The day we’ve all been dreading has finally arrived: International criminal The Hamburglar has come alive and is terrorizing patrons of a McDonald’s in Maine.

Flickr/Lulemon Athletics

Police in Augusta, Maine say that an unidentified young male ran in between the drive-thru window and a car receiving its order, stole the bag of McDonald’s, and ran off.

A witness found a police officer and gave a description of the perpetrator [ED. NOTE: I’m assuming he wasn’t actually dressed like the Hamburglar but I’m hoping that’s an error on my part].

The officer was able to find the unidentified food criminal in another nearby fast food parking lot chowing down on his stolen goods.

According to Augusta police lieutenant Christopher Massey, the criminal cursed at the officer and vanished into the woods.

McDonald’s replaced the order, valued at around $20, for the customers. They do not plan on pressing charges.

Not pressing charges seems like the kind of thing that could come back to haunt this McDonald’s. Hamburglar crimes are all fun and games until the Fry Kids find themselves gagged in the Ramsey family’s basement with duct tape around their mouths and a blanket over their lifeless bodies.

Hamburger bandit gets away [Kennebec Journal via NYDN]