Recollect: Back up your social media stuff in one place

by 6 years ago

Social media is great for sharing parts of your life, but the problem is, it’s built around web companies in a pretty volatile market. Remember MySpace? Or Friendster? So when the site goes down the tubes, it takes your comments, photos, and posts with it. Or maybe you need to clean up your profile when job hunting, but don’t want to delete all those photos of doing a kegstand in a dress.



So if you want to hang onto that stuff, then a solution is now available: Recollect.

Recollect is pretty simple: You pay a subscription fee, fork over your logins, and the site collects everything you post and dumps it into a easy to use interface that more resembles a photo album or a diary instead of a back-up website. You can also download it as a zip file.

There are a few drawbacks: The site currently only supports Flickr, Twitter, Instagram, and Foursquare, although Facebook is on the way. And tweet collection is limited when you first sign in: Twitter only lets outside companies pull the first 3200 tweets.

Recollect is currently polishing everything up for a public release, and once available will be starting at $6 a month.

Recollect [Official Site]

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