Redd’s Apple Ale commercial borrows from ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’

by 8 years ago

Miller-Coors is finally taking their talents to the Super Bowl with an upcoming ad campaign for Redd’s Apple Ale. I don’t know if the beer is good, but the commercial is funny.

See, a man got hit with an apple! Isn’t that funny? That may have come off as sarcastic, but I truly did enjoy watching that guy get drilled by a piece of fruit. It invoked fond memories of watching Pierce Brosnan take a lime to the melon and a dragged-out Robin Williams as Euphegenia Doubtfire yelling, “It was a run by fruiting!”

Redd’s is positioned to compete with brands such as Mike’s Hard Lemonade and Twisted Tea. “Flavored malt beverages seem to do best when you have a brand that really owns a flavor,” Mr. England said. “Mike’s has done a great job of building lemon and Twisted is doing a great job of building tea. And we believe that Redd’s can own apple.”

The campaign — which will include TV, digital, print and out of home — uses the tagline “Branch out” and includes a bushelful of apple puns, such as “different to the core.” The launch comes as big brewers experiment with new flavors and brands to appeal to millennials and women, while beating back spirited competition from craft beers and liquor brands.

I’ve never tried Redd’s Apple Ale, but you can check out a review from Thirsty South until I do.

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