Relax, the PlayStation Network was not hacked yet again

by 7 years ago

Every PS3 owner yesterday, when hearing that Anonymous had broken Sony’s defenses yet again, all went “not this bullsh*t again” in unison. And the worst was feared by those attempting to log into PSN, but were not unable to. Though in the end, it was all a false alarm.


The hysteria kicked off when Anonymous released a tweet claiming that they had been able to infiltrate the PlayStation Network and extract ten million accounts, including passwords, yesterday afternoon. And when I tried logging in, only to discover that the service was down, I had a mild heart attack myself, as did plenty of others no doubt.

But as it turns out, there was no breach after-all. According to Kotaku and several other outlets, the list is actually just a random list of emails from some other, totally random source. Sony was quickly responded with “everything is okay, nothing to see here folks” tweets themselves.

As for the outage? Apparently, it was just down for maintenance, as planned in advance. What wonderful timing. Anyhow, there really is nothing to worry about. Though, if I were you, I’d change your password for the 19th time like I just did.

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