Reporter gets nailed with not one but TWO ‘f–k her in the p—y’ bombs on live TV

ASU F In the P bomb

The worst assignment for any news reporter HAS to be reporting from an area surrounded by thousands of drunk college kids.

Hell, they don’t even have to be drunk, just being on their own and out of control is a enough to make even the most veteran news guy or gal shudder. “You want me to go where and do what?”

Tyler Baldwin of channel 3 out in Arizona got the unlucky assignment this week — he was at the home opener for the ASU Sun Devils filing a report about the school coming down on alcohol at games. Seconds before finishing his live report, Baldwin gets nailed with not one but TWO “f**k her right in the p***y” bombs.

Feel the pain in his face.

[via BroBible]