‘Retro City Rampage’ cereal might not be real, but at least the game is

by 7 years ago

Too bad there really isn’t a Retro City Rampage cereal, but at least the game, which is also supposed to be from the 80s, but actually isn’t, is in fact legit. Did that make any sense?

The video above could easily be considered another example of an April Fools gag that actually works, since it came out on Sunday, but I’m viewing it as just further proof of the game makers’ ability to tap into the 80s brilliantly.

And thank God it’s almost here. I gave my first head’s up almost a year ago, and its been in development for way longer than that. Retro City Rampage finally arrives this May for the PC, Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, and Vita.

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