‘Retro/Grade’ combines ‘Rock Band’ and ‘Space Invaders’

by 6 years ago

Seriously. And not only that, it actually works well together. Brilliantly even.

Available today, at long last, on the PlayStation Network, is something I first mentioned last summer. Though I got my first got a taste of the game at PAX 2010… or was it 2009? Point being, Retro/Grade has been a long time coming, and I almost can’t believe it’s finally here.

Unfortunately, I am away from home, and therefore away from my PS3, so I can’t download the damn thing like I’ve long wanted, but everyone else should. To re-cap: it’s a space shoot ’em-up in which everything is backwards.

So instead of hitting a button to shoot a laser beam to destroy an enemy, you’re hitting it to suck back in the blast that just came from a no longer dead foe. Does that make sense? And if you screw up, it totally messes up the space/time continuum.

Did I mentioned that it plays like a rhythm game, so it can be played with one of your old Guitar Hero or Rock Band guitars? At last, a reason to blow the dust off of the one. Retro/Grade can be nabbed for just ten bucks.

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