Revis Island was uninhabited last night and other things of note from MNF

by 6 years ago

It didn’t take long for the Texans to jump all over the Jets last night. Their first possession ended with a wide-open touchdown catch from Owen Daniels. One could say Revis Island was uninhabited on the play.


Things got worse from there as the Jets couldn’t muster any offense early. Some even wondered whether Ichiro Suzuki could fill in at wide receiver. He certainly has the moves to fit in at the slot.

The Jets finally turned to their savior, Tim Tebow, who sparked the offense with several first down runs. The mark of the beast clearly had no effect on him.

Later in the game, the Jets employed a cheap strategy, taking out Texans defensive stud Brian Cushing on a questionable block.


Then the Jets flight crew got in on the cheapness, attempting to distract players by jumping up and down with heaving breasts in slow motion.

But Arian Foster would not be denied, rushing for 152 yards and a score. He even took a bow for his efforts.

Which leaves us with this extraordinary screencap of Fireman Ed portraying the heartache of Jets nation.


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