Revolve: Because you need a spinny camping chair

by 7 years ago

There are two ideal chairs, achievements in engineering a place to slam your butt into. They are the camping chair and the office chair. One is light, foldable, easy to carry, can be used anywhere. The other is comfy and will spin you around in circles when you’re bored and literally have nothing else to do after reading every article on Guyism three times. Let’s face it, most office jobs are dull.

Revolve camping chairBut what if you could combine the two? Some genius has done precisely that.

The Revolve, well, revolves. It’s actually a clever design; while it’s not as compact as some camping chairs, realistically speaking this thing is going to be thrown into a trunk or the back of an RV anyway, not hauled up a mountain trail.

Which is only reinforced by the fact that for an extra ten bucks, you can get a Revolve with speakers and an iPod dock. No, seriously. You can plug your iPod into this thing.

If you need folding spinniness in your life, it’ll start at $80, with the iPod version available for $90.

Revolve Updates the Camping Chair [Gizmag]

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