Richard Mille cuff links are awesome, hilariously overengineered

by 7 years ago

At some point, if you are a stylish man, you will need to own at least a few pairs of cufflinks. The problem is that cuff links are, well, horribly designed, as devices. So Richard Mille, a watchmaker, has decided to fix that with a solution that’s simultaneously awesome and ridiculous.

Richard Mille

Richard Mille

As cuff links, these are actually fairly simple. Press a button on the side and the wings fold into the link, making sliding the post through and releasing the button a simple task.

Of course, to actually do this requires no fewer than thirty-eight moving parts, compared to the average cuff link’s, uh, one. The more moving parts you have, the more likely one of them is eventually going to break, although considering the quality of Richard Mille’s watches, that’s going to take a while.

As for how they look, they’re made of brushed, hand-beveled titanium, so the overall effect is… quite elegant, actually. True, it’s not going to attract the same kind of attention as, say, human molars, but do you really want to pack a literary reference on your cuffs?

Richard Mille [Official Site]

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