Wait, so ‘Ridge Racer Unbounded’ is actually good?

by 7 years ago

Normally when an established franchise that’s on the semi-decline decides to copy the competition, and is then delayed at the last minute, it’s sure-fire signs of a stinker. But turns out, the just released Ridge Racer Unbounded is, get this, actually kind of awesome?

There aren’t many reviews in the wild at the moment (the conspicuous lack of review copies was another sign of impeding crappiness for many), but Edge, a fairly respected outlet, just gave it a 9 out of 10, taking everyone by surprise. But it’s the footage above that has me the most excited.

The track editor, which was recently highlighted by ALBOTAS looks sick. All the wacky twists and turns is highly reminiscent of one of my favorite PC-only racers, Trackmania. Actually, there’s been a Wii version I think, but I’m pretty sure its graphics can’t hold a candle to a real deal. Been waiting forever for a PS3/Xbox 360 port, so this will do quite nicely instead.

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