Rob Dyrdek wants to fight Daniel Tosh

by 6 years ago
Daniel Tosh

Comedy Central

Two skinny white guys who host Internet clip shows – this is UFC material! TMZ is reporting that Rob Dyrdek is a little pissed off over a recent Tosh.0 sketch that mocked his MTV show Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory as a Michael Jackson-esque pedophile retreat populated by shirtless pre-teens riding Razor scooters.

Dyrdek shot back on Twitter, claiming that he wanted to settle things with Tosh the “old-fashion way,” which basically means that he wants to engage in fisticuffs with Tosh.


Okay, if you’re so mad that you feel like you need to punch somebody because you got made fun of on television, maybe you’re in the wrong business, especially if you’re in the business of making fun of people on television. I think I’m pretty sure what side Guyism is taking in this beef, because Ridiculousness is basically the Candlebox to Tosh.0‘s Nirvana and Fantasy Factory is just a weird thing that I don’t understand why anybody would watch. What do you think? Who would win this one? And would you watch it on Pay-Per-View?

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