Roberope: A minimal, space-saving coat rack

by 6 years ago

If you have a small apartment, or even just an apartment that’s oddly laid out like mine, places to hang your coat can be a bit of a pain in the ass. Your typical coat rack is a space-eating wood or metal monstrosity.



So, solve the problem simply and easily with a piece of rope.

The Roberope is a fairly brilliant little design. On one end, on a beam or other protrusion, you tie a hangman’s noose. It’s not to be morbid: That’s just the best knot you can use because it’ll tighten as you put more weight on it.

Then you just let the rope drop. The core is reinforced to create “hooks” in certain places with room for up to five coats, and that reinforcement means the coats won’t slip off. The weight makes sure the rope falls straight down, every time.

Granted, you may have to install something to hang the Roberope from depending on your apartment. But if you’ve got a small place, it looks like an undeniably handy space-saver. Unfortunately pricing isn’t available yet, and you’ll have to order from Germany. But, hey, if nothing else, you’ve got both more room in your place and a great conversation piece.

Roberope [Official Site]

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