This robocaller refuses to admit that it’s a robot and it’s so sad

by 5 years ago

Telemarketing calls are incredibly annoying for all of us but at least they’re usually up front about who they are. Not this robot who called a Times reporter and refuses to acknowledge that it’s actually a robot. The future is here and it is terrifying.

Time reporters tried the robocaller multiple times to get it to trip up. Instead, it just sounded kind of…sad.

When Time followed up further, the company STILL continued to deny using robocallers. First the robots, then the humans…is there anyone you can trust???

Either way, hearing the disgust in the voice of “Samantha” when she said “Okay” as the guy said he’s going to hang up? Man, robots have come a long way. That sounds EXACTLY like the disgust I often elicit from women in my life. We’ve come so far.