Rocket engineers test parts by putting them in a motorcycle

by 7 years ago

XCOR is a private aerospace company, and they have a problem: testing rocket parts in the traditional manner costs a fortune. It’s also really boring and doesn’t make for interesting viral videos, or awesome headlines for gadget bloggers to post.

So, they decided to do us all a public service and instead put the parts into a motorcycle to test them out.

Leaving aside, for a moment, the fact that these guys built a rocket motorcycle and for some reason are not selling it, this is actually incredibly cool. By retrofitting the cycle with their parts, they were able to test them in real world scenarios, and work them a lot harder than they’d normally have to deal with.

Also, they built a rocket motorcycle. A freaking rocket motorcycle. Yeah, we know, exploring the cosmos, advancing human knowledge, getting us to new worlds and new civilizations, whatever. Build more of the rocket bikes, guys. We want the rocket bikes.

And maybe you could build some lasers to go with it? We’re just saying, why have a rocket bike if you’re not going to go the full Mad Max.

XCOR Tests Rocket Parts In Motorcycle [Gizmag]

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