Russian man holds four people hostage, demands pizza and Sprite

by 6 years ago

If you’re going to take several people hostage while armed with a handgun and explosives, shoot for the stars like this Russian guy whose demands centered around a pizza and Sprite.

pizza and sprite


The unidentified man came into a college in the city of Astrakhan and took four people hostage.

A perplexed police spokesman told AFP, “His only demand was a pizza and Sprite.”

Negotiations lasted for several hours with officers on-site fearing for the safety of the teacher, security guard, and two students being held by the threatening man.

Police eventually brought the man the Sprite and pizza he requested. After getting his bounty, the man released the hostages unarmed.

The man, said to be around 30, was detained by officers without a struggle.

Is there something here that I’m missing? Does Russia have a pizza famine of some sort? Maybe a Sprite shortage? I’m not saying you should take hostages, but if you are, let’s shoot for a net gain over $20. These hostages cannot be feeling good about the value of their lives today.