Russian vodka bottles start liquor store fire

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Russians are well known for their obsession with vodka and the destructive results that follow. In this instance, though, it was the bottles of Russian vodka themselves, in cahoots with the sun, that caused a fire to start in a Minnesota liquor store.

Just about every guy has tried to light something on fire with a magnifying glass. If you haven’t, you had a bad childhood, your parents should be ashamed. Most of us grew out of the firestarter days around the same time Prodigy fell off the map, but apparently Karkov Vodka didn’t get the memo. It’s no surprise that bottles costing only $11 for a half-gallon would be causing trouble; they certainly did every time I dabbled with them.

What disappointing is that they continually cut off the video just before the real fun started. I’m not a pyro or anything, but I want to watch the raging inferno destroy random pieces of cardboard unmercifully. I guess I’ll just have to break out the magnifying glass and go at it myself. Look out ants!

Watch a Vodka Bottle Catch Fire Inside Store [Daily Meal]

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