Samantha Brick, the lady who thinks she’s beautiful and isn’t, is still going

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We avoided covering Samantha Brick earlier this week because, well, there’s no way to avoid looking like a misogynist when you’re saying a woman is kind of ugly and tearing her down for delusions. But she’s back!

Daily Mail

The original piece stemmed from Brick’s concerns that her “beauty” were getting in the way of her living her life. She was constantly given things by men, losing female friends, and, in her eyes, being denied opportunity due to others’ jealousy of her.

But, as the entire Internet collectively pointed out, she’s really not that attractive.

Sure, she’s “tall, slim, blonde.” But as anyone who’s woken up in a heap next to someone they barely recollect from the night before can attest, she’s also not exactly something you’d want to mount above your mantle either.

Today, the Daily Mail published another article from Brick responding to her critics. And it’s even worse.

While I’ve been shocked and hurt by the global condemnation, I have just this to say: my detractors have simply proved my point. Their level of anger only underlines that no one in this world is more reviled than a pretty woman.

Without doubt, this is a gender issue. For not only is it mostly women who are attacking me, it is also because I am female that I am being attacked for acknowledging my attractiveness.

Yes, I have cried on and off all day. But do I regret my article? Not at all. I’m know I’m risking the wrath of the online community once more, but there is an irony to yesterday. While I was tearfully dealing with the emails and calls outside the supermarket, a young man approached me, offered to park my car and even get me a coffee.

He could see I was having a tough time — and yes, my looks had helped me out again.

She also compares herself to Angelina Jolie. That’s a thing that happened.

Here’s the bigger issue: This isn’t about misogyny or women being jealous of other women. It’s not about wanting to see someone better than you torn down. It’s about a special little snowflake not being attuned to reality.

In the US, it’s something called “Everyone gets a trophy” syndrome. It’s the philosophy that, yes, we’re all great. The mindset that children shouldn’t learn about “winners” and “losers.” It’s that type of attitude that allow an ego like Samantha Brick’s to go unchecked.

And now, it’s being checked loudly and incessantly. People tweeting about how ugly she is, how delusional she is. Honestly, it’s not her fault.

Samantha Brick isn’t ugly. She’s not a despicable human being. She’s just mediocre.

She’s just a mediocre blonde woman who’s gotten too much attention just for being passable. Who’s sometimes been the best looking one in the room purely because there’s no one else there to compete. And now she’s a monster, penning Daily Mail columns and collectively causing the Internet to bang its head on the table. She’s been given the trophies of attention from desperate men for far too long.

Seeing her second article and how she views the world through a prism of “The world hates me for my successes” should let you know that this is a lost cause. You won’t change her. You won’t make her doubt herself, no matter what an objective view of her might yield. All you’ll do is annoy yourself more and more.

Never argue with a fool. Especially one to whom desperate men give bottles of champagne.


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