Samsung Galaxy Muse MP3 player syncs with your phone, not your PC

by 7 years ago

You may mostly use your phone to listen to music these days, but occasionally, you still need a small MP3 player, like working out or riding public transit. And syncing with your computer can be a pain in the ass. So Samsung has decided to make a small MP3 player that syncs with your phone, using an Android app.



This little guy, the Galaxy Muse, is cheap and cheerful at $50, but it does have one pretty big drawback: It’ll only sync with Samsung smartphones, specifically the Samsung Note 2 or the Samsung Galaxy S3.

But beyond that, it’s actually a fairly useful little device. Looking like a pebble, it’s got 4GB onboard, storing about six hours of music to listen to. It’s also got a very compact connection method: Everything goes through the headphone jack, even the USB cable that connects to the phone in the first place. It even has a clip, making it fairly easy to use.

If you need an MP3 player, especially if you’ve got a Samsung phone, this is probably your best bet. And, hey, it even looks good.

Galaxy Muse [Samsung]

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