Saturday Night Links: Sweet memories

Good stuff from around the Web to help you through the rest of the weekend.

Andi Muise

SI Extra Mustard

Andi Muise Brings Back Sweet Memories
Dogs Wearing Underwear: Need We Say More?
15 Uncivil Facebook Posts
Why The Kate Upton “Topless” Video is Complete Horse Shit
Bad Girls Bend at the Waist (NSFWish)

Daniela Freitas


Daniela Freitas in a Tiny Bikini
Dumbest Sports Fans Ever Interviewed
25 Best College Towns to Live This Summer
Liz is a Really Good Lingerie Model (NSFWish)
100 Hottest Heat & Spurs Superfan Photos

Sofia Vergara Instagram


Sofia Vergara’s Hottest Instagram Photos
Scariest Photobomb Ever
This Week in Unnecessary Censorship (Video)
How to Get Through Your Sex Slump
Anna Kournikova is in a Bikini

Nina Agdal Instagram


Nina Agdal’s May/June Instagram Pics
Why Do We Reward Stupidity?
25 of the Funniest 5-Second Films Ever
Woman’s Selfie Catches Pickpocket
Erin Heatherton and Adriana Lima Sell Lingerie Topless

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