Save Steve Holt

by 8 years ago


Arrested Development is coming back, but some people aren’t so happy about it. Well, one person, really: Justin Grant Wade, the actor who played alpha-jock Steve Holt. Why? Well, because out of the entire original cast, he’s the only one who hasn’t been asked to appear in new episodes. The producers have been creepily silent as to why Steve Holt won’t be back, but Wade isn’t taking no for an answer. Dude’s even set up a “Save Steve Holt” website where he’s… selling T-shirts. Not sure how that’s supposed to work exactly, but there it is.

If you want my opinion on why Wade isn’t coming back, all you need to do is watch the video on his site. Wade’s put on a few pounds, mostly in the beard area, and I doubt he can pass for a high schooler anymore. Michael Cera’s like Gary Coleman – he’s going to look like he’s 11 years old forever. Putting him next to a newly burly Steve Holt is just going to make too much cognitive dissonance for the viewers. The Korean kid who played Annyong is 22 now, do you think they’ll bring him back?

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