Sayonara: The app that tells you who unfollows you on Twitter

by 6 years ago

One thing that really annoys me about Twitter is that there’s no easy way to track who’s unfollowing you so you can return the favor. Social networks in general try to hide “de-friending” activity, but the net result is that there are jackasses who follow you, wait for you to stop noticing, and then unfollow you to boost their numbers, or even just their ego. Worse, Twitter will never tell you this is happening.



But Sayonara will.

Sayonara is pretty straightforward. Plug your Twitter accounts into the app, and it’ll simply track your follower count. Every time you get unfollowed, it will alert you, offering you tools to passive-aggressively tweet at the person, unfollow them, or even block them. Or, as the ad copy puts it, “Revenge is just a button press away.”

I don’t take unfollowing personally, but I do find it annoying when I’m manipulated, so Sayonara is incredibly useful for tracking these jerkwads and getting rid of them. Since I’ve been using it, I’ve gotten a few angry tweets from former followers about how dare I unfollow them. Honestly, that passive-aggressive whining was worth the two bucks alone.

Sayonara [iTunes Store]

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