Scientists build motion-tracking radar that detects breathing

by 7 years ago

Ever get the feeling that scientists are just deliberately trying to create a totalitarian police state sometimes? No? Let me help with that: a bunch of Brits have invented a radar device the size of a suitcase that can track moving objects and even pick up your breathing.

big brotherThe device consists of two antennas, a receiver, and a signal processor. It emits no radio waves, so it’s completely undetectable. It can also track motion through a foot-thick brick wall, according to claims.

Oh, and of course they’re working on shrinking it. The idea is to get it down to roughly the size of an iPad so that cops can use it to spy through walls during hostage situations, kind of like that one scene in RoboCop.

And yes, it was designed specifically for military and police applications.

It’s a little creepy the British are the ones building this because of their disturbing surveillance culture. They have the highest number of surveillance cameras per capita in the entire Western world, putting it ahead of human rights superstars like… uh… China. And now they’re getting the ability to see through walls.

Good job, science.

Radar Prototype Can See Through Walls [Ubergizmo]

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