Sega’s ‘Bass Fishing of the Dead’ is actually an awesome idea

by 7 years ago

I stand corrected; there was more than one stand out for best game related April Fool’s gag this year. In addition to Google’s 8bit Maps, you also have Sega combining their seminal fishing title and zombie blasting franchise to form, what else? Bass Fishing of the Dead.

The idea of a merging the two ideas is not entire new, even for Sega, as some readers might know already. Still, a more literal take, like the one above, is a route that should definitely be explored. In fact, now more than ever.

Not sure if everyone heard, but massive lay offs were recently announced. Seems like the house that Sonic built is in serious trouble. But is it any surprise? Given how lack luster their output has been, it’s time that they tried something new and different…

Like a game that combines zombies and fishing, obviously.

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