Shake Weight doesn’t work, according to research telling us what we already know

by 4 years ago

A new study from the Journal of Sports Science & Medicine has told us what we all probably could already figure out: The Shake Weight doesn’t work.

shake weight


The study, first covered by Runner’s World, reveals that there was no additional benefit to the muscular activity of people using the product.

Researchers tested the muscular activity of subjects compared to people lifting traditional dumbbells. The research revealed that there was no difference between people using the Shake Weight compared to normal hand weights.

The researchers also said that the Shake Weight didn’t get muscles to over 60% contractions, the amount necessary to increase muscle.

So, basically, it didn’t do much of anything other than make you look like you’re jerking off a giant who insists on facials.

According to the Shake Weight manufacturer, “shaking the weights stimulates sufficient muscular activity to reduce fat and increase muscle mass in the upper-body areas targeted.”

Just throw in a “or not, whatever” at the end in small type and we’re all good.

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