New startup allows you all the joys of going to a nightclub without actually going

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Meet Shaker, a new startup that raised $20 million from top investment firm Menlo Ventures and celebrities like Lady Gaga. And it also sounds like the least appealing thing to ever exist.


You know how 90 percent of society goes to a nightclub with the goal of hooking up and it inevitably ends up unpleasant in a wide variety ways? Well Shaker is now going to bring that pointless social experience to its most illogical conclusion: moving it online.

Shaker uses your Facebook friends list to create a virtual club. Your friends will be colored as blue, friends of friends will be coded as white, etc. You can drink virtual waters for free or, if you’re feeling froggy, splurge on a virtual cocktail (they cost extra because of course they do).

The app promotes the concept of “social discovery,” only you’re doing it with a tiny little animated avatar of yourself. Sound cool? No? Well, perhaps this description from one of the founders will sell you:

Yonatan Maor, came up with the idea when he was enjoying a dinner out with his dad. “How come these live, vivid experiences don’t happen on social networks?” he asked.

Because the primary reason normal consumers hang out in large social gatherings is for human interaction? Because people who are actual tastemakers and societal influencers probably don’t want to hang out in a fake room with 8-bit graphics to pay ACTUAL MONEY to sip on a watered down virtual rum and coke?

Maybe I’m wrong and this will totally revolutionize how we do everything online (Shaker did win 2011’s Techcrunch Disrupt competition). Maybe it won’t be just Second Life mixed with Farmville‘s graphics and you’ll all point and laugh at me in your super cool VIP Shaker lounges. I guess we’ll find out!

Shaker’s Club 53, the first digital nightclub it’s “opening” to the public, will be unleashed upon society tomorrow. You can sign up here.

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