Someone re-wrote the script to ‘Shaq Fu’

by 7 years ago

Those of you in their thirties: remember the Shaq Fu for the Super Nintendo, which starred the just getting hot b-baller in a fighting game? Among its many qualities was a fairly wretched script. Well, at long last, that part at least has been fixed.


According to Tiny Cartridge, someone went through the effort to update the script found in that game, in the form of a patch. The end result is Schmuck Fu, which according to the author:

“Here’s your chance to play the game with a script that spends less time kissing Shaq’s butt and more time being entertaining.”

For the morbidly curious who simply do not have the time to figure out how to patch an old SNES rom, here’s a video of the modified game in action. Simply watch and lie to your friends that you actually played Schmuck Fu yourself. I’m sure no one will notice.

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