‘Silent Hill’ is coming to Universal Studios this Halloween

by 7 years ago

Every fall, Universal Studios in both Hollywood and Orlando puts together Halloween Horror Nights, where famous horror flicks are used as fodder. But this year, they’re tapping into a famous horror game.

It’s the very first time a video game property has been utilized for such an occasion, which is a pretty big deal, believe it or not. Or at least to a person like myself, who is way into Silent Hill AND haunted houses.

Though I’m mostly eager to see how else they use the license. Will there be stands nearby in which Pyramid Head sells hamburgers, like the Doc Brown friend chicken shack that used to be next to the Back To The Future ride? Which was damn good, by the way.

The funny thing is, this new attraction might be the best thing to happen to the IP in ages, which has suffered from crappy game after crappy game. Anyone that’s seen the Waterworld live show knows exactly what I’m talking about.

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