Simple beer-brined pork chop recipe with Goose Island Matilda

by 6 years ago

There’s no better way to impress a lady than cooking her a meal. Making it rain might be an easier, but then you’re attracting the wrong type of woman.

Just because you don’t know your way around a cookbook doesn’t mean you can’t whip up something more inspiring than chicken and pasta. If you’re one of those idiots that still thinks the kitchen is for women, you can retain your illusion of manliness by cooking with booze. I used to be hesitant about using good beer or bourbon for cooking, but after talking to Chef Michael Symon, I am all about top quality for a marinade or brine.

If you haven’t had it yet, Goose Island Matilda most certainly counts as a top tier beer. I wouldn’t pull one out of the cellar for these pork chops, but I’m certainly going to pick up a new bottle next time I’m at the store. Plus, it comes in bombers, so you still have ten ounces remaining to enjoy while you seduce your lady with your culinary wizardry.

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