Simple.TV will ensure you never miss a game again

by 7 years ago

Imagine this: You’re away on business, and are going to miss a game, whether because it’s not on in your city or you just don’t have the time. Instead of listening to a radio stream, you just pop open a browser and stream it online.

Simple TV

Simple TV

How? Easy: You have a Simple.TV.

The Simple.TV is essentially a smart box you use to capture over the air signals. You hook up an antenna, plug in a USB hard drive, and use it like any other DVR. It doesn’t connect to your TV, but it does stream to your computer and there are iPad and Roku apps on the way.

I do like the concept, but a few things about it make me hesitant. First of all, if you want basic functionality like scheduling series recordings or streaming away from your home network, you’ll be paying $300 for software, and that’s before hooking up the antenna to it or installing your own hard drive into the thing. Granted both are relatively cheap, but even so. Secondly is that it’s limited entire to OTA signals and digital basic cable; anything that isn’t broadcast is off-limits.

That said, though, especially for sports fans, it’s a lot more convenient than tracking down a sports bar, and a lot less expensive than buying season pass content. So if you travel a lot and hate missing the game, it might be worth the cost.

Official Site [Simple.TV]

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