SkiMotion gets you around in the most ridiculous way possible

by 8 years ago

Imagine the push scooter, like the Razors that used to be popular. Fix that image in your mind. Now imagine that there was a way that they could be made even dorkier.

Think it’s impossible? Oh, they found a way.

Yes. You are seeing people propel themselves down a path by opening and closing their legs. That is how they move this scooter. Doing Kegel exercises.

Okay, so granted this is not the stupidest way to get around that has ever been invented. As long as there’s a Segway, that title will remain firmly out of the reach of any other form of locomotion. But this is still pretty damn ridiculous.

What gets us is… didn’t anybody realize the whole thigh-squeezing motion looks incredibly lame? Like, who wants to go out in public on a device that makes you look like you’re starring in a porno? Okay, Asians, admittedly: this has been released over there and has been extremely popular.

Still, when you take your design cues from a part of the world that invented the used underwear vending machines, you need to reconsider your decisions a bit.

Official Site: SkiMotion

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