Skype just sending your messages to whoever

by 7 years ago

Think of the worst possible glitch you can have for a messaging system. Would that happen to be “sending your messages to just whoever regardless of whether you know them or not, forget whether or not you actually want them to see that message?”

skype broken


Now guess what horrible glitch Skype is currently dealing with!

Yes, the Internet’s favorite tool for corporate communication and phone sex has been just cold sending your messages to anybody it feels like. Not even Skype is apparently clear on why, precisely, it’s violating the whole contract between users and the rest of the Internet to keep communication somewhat private.

The problem is essentially if you send an IM, that IM both goes to the person you meant to send it to and some random schmuck. It could be your sister! It could be your boss! It could be both! Anything is possible on the Wheel of Shame!

It will, of course, being fixing this as quickly as possible. But until then you might want to consider limiting what you send over Skype.

Skype Acknowledges IM Bug [TheNextWeb]

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