Smart Tools: Turn your phone or tablet into a toolkit

by 6 years ago

Most of what you put on your tablet is useless. Not that Angry Birds is a terrible or hateful thing, but it’s not useful in the sense that you can gather valuable information from it.

Smart Tools

Smart Tools Co.

For that, you need another app, namely Smart Tools, which crams a lot of ways to get information in one place.

Essentially, Smart Tools is five packages of simple apps that turn your tablet into a precision device. Its various tools can be used to measure length, angle, slope, distance, height, width, and area. Depending on what your tablet or phone is packing, it can be used as a sound meter, vibrometer, flashlight, metal detector, compass and magnifier.

It’s not perfect in the sense that it’s limited by what you install it on. For example, on my Samsung Galaxy running Android 2.3, most tools worked, but since my Nexus 7 has limited sensors, some tools such as the magnifier weren’t available.

So that’s something to consider before you spend the five bucks. But then again, consider how fun it’ll be to whip out your phone and use it to figure out the exact distance your friend whiffed that free throw by.

Smart Tools [Google Play]

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