Snoop Dogg is in ‘Tekken Tag Tournament 2’ for some reason

by 6 years ago

For those wondering if this E3 would be devoid of the token, nonsensical merging of a video game and some completely unrelated celebrity, we have Snoop Dogg’s upcoming appearance in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

It would seem that the Doggfather of hip-hop is hard up for weed money these days, hence the mishmash above. It’s basically a stage with Snoop and some dancing ladies in the back, plus a brand new song.

Doesn’t seem like he’ll be playable, but given Tekken‘s propensity for bizarre characters (this is the series that pioneered kangaroo on velociraptor action, after all), I definitely think it’s in the realm of possibilities.

Unfortunately, a fighting game staring Ice T and Coco is still not on the horizon, so this will have to do in the meanwhile.

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