Snoop Dogg’s rationale for voting is something we should all aspire to

by 6 years ago

Hey undecided voters! You know how there’s been information about these two candidates for, literally, years and you still can’t pick one? Don’t worry…Snoop Dogg’s got you covered.

Instagram/Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg has far better penmanship than I’d expect.

Thank God this came out today. I could have gone my ENTIRE LIFE without knowing that President Obama and Snoop Dogg use the same hair clips and that Mitt Romney is a white nigga. Now I possess both of these pieces of information and can do whatever I want with them. Knowledge is power, my friends.

UPDATE: This isn’t Snoop’s, but an unattributed republishing of Twitter user DragonflyJonez. Thanks to the many Twitter followers of our account who care way too much about rappers’ social media habits.

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