So you’re telling me you can’t use a leaf blower in the nude?

Leaf Blower

You know, I thought this was America. I thought this was land of the free, home of the brave. So you’re telling me I can’t stand in my front yard, blowing leaves in the nude? Seriously? Thanks Obama!

Responding to 911 calls, Officer Timothy Charland spotted Capra “completely nude, blowing off his driveway with a leaf blower.” Capra was “intoxicated and belligerent towards police” when questioned.

Capra, arrested on a misdemeanor charge, was later released from custody after posting $500 bail. He is scheduled for an August 15 appearance in Westboro District Court.

Best part about this story? There was a traffic jam in front of the guy’s house because people stopped to take pics. Pervs! Yeah, I’m talking about you ladies.

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