Soccer player attacks dog, gets red card, is asshole

by 6 years ago

Argentine soccer player Enzo Jimenez is not a well-known soccer player. But he is now after attacking a dog during a match between San Juan and Bella Vista and getting a red card presumably for being a dick. Warning: Maybe not for the faint of heart.

Fortunately, the dog was okay after getting chucked into the fence like a sack of trash. And good for the white team for almost starting a brawl with Enzo Jimenez for being such a piece of garbage.

I mean really, not only does he do something so awful that everyone in an Argentinian stadium — a country in which soccer fans routinely offer legitimate death threats — he then runs and hides like a little bitch because someone threw a drink at him? Tough guy.

I don’t know anything about Enzo Jimenez (Google doesn’t seem to, either…a true sign of a noteworthy athletic talent) but I’m fully comfortable saying that he should be eaten by a gang of wild dogs while his family watches. And the aggrieved dog deserves many scratches behind the ears. Case closed.