‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6 episode 10 recap: ‘Huang Wu′


The best laid plans of biker gang wives have a way of falling apart disastrously. So the thrust of the last few episodes of Sons of Anarchy have been primarily around Tara’s covert plan to get out of jail and get out of Charming with her kids. It looked pretty good for her a few weeks ago, but after Jax managed to intimidate pretty much all of her helpers things got a little hazy. And, because this is Sons, this week they got hazier still.

We open with Tara waking up to noise in the house, but it’s Jax, who tells her to pack a bag but stay close. There’ll be somebody watching them. This is a remarkably chill way to play the situation, but Jax has been all over the board this season, so we’ll see if he can keep his cool.

Teller-Morrow is back open with a new building, making me wonder why they needed to blow it up in the first place. We get a quick montage of the main players, which helps remind us of stuff like Tara’s faked miscarriage and Clay’s biting a guard’s nose off to get sent to the psych ward.

Speaking of Clay, he’s back in gen pop because his trial has been moved up. A guilty verdict on a charge this big means that he could be put in any prison in America, which isn’t good. He asks for a sitdown with Gemma to get them straight. The resultant scene was one of the best this show’s ever fielded – the history between these two is epic, and every minute of it was on display here. He gave her a letter of intent deeding her his half of Teller-Morrow, closing with a “See you on the other side.” Damn.

Jax assigned Juice to follow Tara through the day, but after she met with Wendy she proved that she’s still one up on him by totaling his bike and speeding off. Tara and Gemma then had another chilling conversation, with Gemma basically laying down the law and saying that she’s not getting the kids, so it can either be “Mommy moved away” or “Mommy passed away,” her choice. Damn. To retaliate, Tara shows up where Jax is canoodling with Colette and delivers one of her patented beatdowns on her husband’s new flame.

Meanwhile, the Sons’ efforts to get out of the gun game took a turn or two, with the Irish pissing off the Chinese and Jax making an end run around his former allies to take Galen and his crew (who he’s promised to hand over to the law) out and replacing them with Henry Lin and his gang. We’ll see if this works.

The episode closed with Tara heading to the DA’s office to take the deal she offered, only to learn that it’s off the table. We know that’s because of Jax’s promise to give up the Irish (and that his deal offers protection for Tara), but she obviously doesn’t. With no clear way out, I don’t see things going well for her in the three episodes left this season.