Sony might be making a movie based about the console wars

by 7 years ago

And surely it won’t be biased. Not at all.


According to Joystiq, Sony Pictures Entertainment recently secured a bunch of domains that has the words “console,” “wars,” and “movie” in them. What does this mean? Nobody knows thus far.

But speculation is rampant, and if it’s what we all thing it is, aka a movie that details the real life drama behind video game consoles going head to head, then it might be something truly amazing.

Sure it seems like a silly idea, but it’s actually not. Apple vs. Microsoft was turned into a genuinely engaging flick (Pirates of Silicon Valley), so why can’t the same be done for Nintendo vs. Sega, or better yet, Nintendo vs. Sony?

Surely, if Sony was to produce a movie that details their struggles against competitors when trying to build up the PlayStation brand, it would be objective, right? One hopes not. The more biased, the better.

After-all, there are enough fan boys who would be happy to blindly and mindlessly cheer for their gaming brand of choice at the theater. Much like they do already on gaming blogs and messages boards every single day.

The only question remains is what b-list actor will be signed up. We need someone on par with Ashton Kutcher, whose currently ruining Steve Jobs for all Apple fans everywhere. But a person worse than him is a tall order indeed.

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