Southern Comfort wants to pop your cherry

by 7 years ago

Flavored vodkas are all the rage, but they aren’t the only ones tweaking their standard spirit. Southern Comfort, an alcohol which 80% of people can’t classify, has gotten into the game as well.

Southern Comfort

Just so you know, Southern Comfort is a liqueur. Most people tend to guess whiskey, but they’re sadly mistaken. A few years ago SoCo started branching out, beginning with a lime flavor. It was a fairly logical choice given that SoCo & Lime is one of the most popular shots on college campuses. Everyone is already accustomed to those flavors going together. I’ve never mixed anything with it, but it pulls out of the bottle quite well for those times when mixers just aren’t an option.

Last Fall SoCo Fiery Pepper was introduced. For the most part I’m not a huge fan, but when it comes to Bloody Mary’s it’s an upgrade from vodka. It also works well for a penalty shot if you want to give a buddy a kick in the ass without being a complete douche about it. I’m looking at you, people who order Prairie Fires.

The newest addition to the Southern Comfort family though is Cherry. Excuse me, Bold Black Cherry. I’d hate for my drink to be a pansy. Unlike flavored vodkas that tend to taste mostly like fruit rather than vodka (obviously because vodka nearly flavorless), SoCo still tastes like the original spirit. Picture Gene Simmons in the Dr. Pepper commercials yelling something about just a kiss of cherry. That’s the best way to describe this new offering.

I first tried it as a shot. That seemed like the best way to really get a sense of what’s going on. It’s nothing special warm, but when shaken with ice first it seemed less syrupy than normal. Chilled straight shots turned out to be a solid option, and all those at the charity event I brought a bottle to agreed. What? Do-gooders like to drink too.

It really shined once I mixed it with Coke though. There’s a reason they are pushing their SoCola ad campaign; it’s delicious. If you’ve been going through a Whiskey Coke phase, it’s a great change of pace. If you’re drinking rum and coke, grow up.

It’s only $17 for a fifth, so it’s worth grabbing if you need something for a party. Worst case scenario you line up 16 shots and make some new friends.

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