Speedlink wireless keyboard solves the battery problem with a solar panel

by 7 years ago

If you have a home theater PC set up, you need to have a wireless keyboard; otherwise, you’re in for a bad, bad time using it. Unfortunately, the tradeoff there is that wireless keyboards eat batteries like they’re bon-bons; you’ll drop twenty bucks in AAA batteries before the month is out, if you’re lucky.

Speedlink wireless keyboardWhich is why we’re kind of surprised nobody, before now, has come up with Speedlink’s novel solution to this incredibly annoying problem: a solar panel.

If you’ve ever bought a calculator with a solar panel, you know how this works: place it in direct light of some form, be it the sun or artificial, and the solar cells take care of the rest, charging up the keyboard. On the downside, it’s a “chiclet” style keyboard, using rubber keys. This saves power from the clicky contact switches, and makes it easier to clean, but not everybody loves the lack of feedback.

Either way, you’ve got a keyboard that saves you quite a lot of money, and it’s even reasonably priced: it’ll hit stores at $65, which is cheap even by keyboard standards.

SPEEDLINK Wireless Keyboard with Solar Panel Announced [Ubergizmo]

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