Spike Lee does not need a Goddamned Kickstarter

Spike Lee


This is getting ridiculous, people. And listen, straight up: I love Spike Lee. I loved Do The Right Thing and there’s an office sex scene in Jungle Fever that was really hot and Inside Man was good. I’m totally pro-Spike Lee.

But we don’t need to give him $1.25 million through Kickstarter so he can make a horror movie. The topline pitch is “Human beings who are addicted to blood.” Lee claims that the studio system won’t let him make this obviously very important movie the way he wants to, so he needs you to fund it. The reward tiers include such priceless items as Nikes worn by Spike himself (hope you’re his size, because he doesn’t tell you what it is) and a “Special Thanks Tweet.” For $10,000 you can even sit courtside with Spike at a Knicks game.

This begs the question: what’s a million dollars and change to Spike Lee? He’s obviously not hurting for cash, with an estimated net worth of around $40 million. And what’s so valuable about this movie (which, to be frank, sounds pretty stupid) that it has to be made without “studio interference?” Low-budget filmmakers make tons of crappy horror flicks every year for a lot less than a million and change. I’m sure Lee could find a traditional financier who would put that up. Kickstarter is starting to enter the period of decline I predicted a while back, with every celeb and semi-celeb trying to cash in on their name to get a project out there. And the returns have been steadily diminishing – Veronica Mars made almost three times its goal. Zach Braff’s movie made one and a half times. Melissa Joan Hart didn’t even make her goal.

Kicktraq has Lee’s movie projected to come in at about $1.5 million by the end of the campaign on August 21st. What do you think? Is this worth supporting, or should Kickstarter be saved for up-and-coming talents who really need the help?